We're making our own Tension Fabric Systems

07 July, 2020

Illuminated Lightbox

At the beginning of the year we invested in brand new equipment so that we could manufacture quality tension fabric systems and also be competitive. We’d previously been in the situation where these were bought in to order which meant a longer lead time and higher price. We never like to standstill at 360 so we saw this as an opportunity to increase our manufacturing capacity and therefore the service to our clients, which is something we are known for.

We purchased brand new equipment and brought in an experienced manufacturing team and are pleased to say we have achieved our goal. The various sizes and types were hot off the press until everything stood still for COVID19. Now that we’re all starting to get back to normal, we thought we’d let the secret out....

…. we can produce tension fabric systems - illuminated and non-illuminated, with graphic, text, photographic skins, at a fast turnaround and at prices to beat our competitors!

Our frames are designed to allow for a quick change. Whether it’s a change of season in a store, different menu options on an information board or a new product being launched. Our skins can be changed literally in minutes and you don’t need training to do it.

The units can be freestanding, wall mounted or even fixed to the ceiling. Just tell us what you would like and we’ll make it to your requirements. We’ve even made them recently with a heavy duty flexible PVC skin in the centre so that they can be used for social distancing screens and still reused after.

Give us a call and have a chat with one of our Project Managers, there is such a great variety, they’re quick to produce and economical so make the perfect addition to any premises.

Non-Illuminated Selfie Wall

Tension Fabric System Lightbox

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